As I eluded to in a previous Blog Post, it is always good to vary an activity that a pupil is engaged with, otherwise you run the risk of them becoming bored with the activity, even though the activity would still be of educational benefit to them.

One easy way of varying the activity is to change the type of pegs that are being used to complete the task. This basket of coloured pegs, which I purchased in Mr. Price, would make a perfect alternative to the traditional wooden pegs to complete peg-based tasks.

These plastic pegs are about the same length as the traditional wooden pegs. They come in four strong colours – orange, lime green, pink and blue. They have a strong, resistant spring which will help pupils to develop that pincer grip. They have a ridged, soft grip which would appeal to pupils with sensory needs. The closing also has a soft finish. They have a cute flower design at the tip.

This set of twenty-four pegs comes with an attractive green carry caddy to hold the pegs when they are not being used for an activity.