I’ve emphasised in other Blog Posts about the importance of varying the size and type of pegs used by pupils to complete peg-based tasks such as those contained on this website. Pupils will be in danger of becoming bored with a task if both the task and the pegs used to complete it never change. Changing the pegs will add interest to the task and will re-motivate the pupil to complete the activity.

During the Christmas season, pupils always enjoy having seasonal themed pegs to complete an activity. These will certainly grab their attention and add an extra interest and focus to the task.

You will readily see Christmas-themed pegs in the shops and supermarkets at this time of the year. Christmas themed pegs are usually sold in supermarkets in peg card holder packs. They are usually wooden pegs, smaller than the normal wooden pegs used for hanging clothes on the line, and they usually have a Christmas object glued onto them.

The pegs in the main image above were purchased in my local Aldi supermarket. They came as a set of 12 in a peg card holder pack. They feature images of Christmas characters like a snowman, a Santa, an elf and a penguin. They retailed at €2.29 for the pack.

This second set of pegs were also sold as a set of 12 in a peg card holder pack in my local Aldi supermarket. They are also wooden and feature Christmas themed images like a gift, a tree, a star. They retail at €2.29 for the set of 12.

These sets of Christmas Card Holders each contain 12 pegs. The pegs are small red plastic ones which are disguised behind Christmas labels. In one pack, the labels say “Christmas Greetings” and “Christmas Wishes” and the other pack says “Season’s Greetings” and “Merry Christmas”. They retail at €1.29 each.

So, to add extra interest and motivation to a peg-based task at this time of the year, whether the task is a seasonal one or not, keep an eye out in the shops for Christmas-themed pegs.