Happy New Year to you all and many thanks to those of you who have supported this new venture in 2020. Starting a new venture at any time can be a daunting task, but launching the new website just a week before the Covid-19 pandemic hit these shores was just really bad timing. Within a short space of time after the launch, schools had shut down here in Ireland and did not open for seven months.

However, we plodded on and kept creating new peg-based resources for the website. At this stage there are almost 300 resources on the website covering various aspects of the primary school curriculum. Word is still filtering out to primary school teachers, especially AEN teachers and teachers in special classes for autistic pupils, about the suitability of these type of resources for such pupils.

We look forward to creating lots more peg-based resources for SEN pupils in 2021. We welcome any suggestions or ideas for other peg-based resources that could be included on the website.