Pegs come in all shapes and sizes and each one brings with it its own advantages and challenges for the pupil.

I purchased these pegs some years ago while abroad on summer holidays. You can generally pick them up in the tourist hot spots where they are sold as pegs to keep your sun towel attached to your poolside sunbed – they’re very handy on breezy days!

However, I could see other uses for them. These pegs are quite large with a large spring. They are probably too large to use with the majority of the resources on this website. However, they are great for the development of the pupil’s hand muscles, which, in turn, will help them when they are working with smaller pegs.

The young child will probably need to use the full hand to prise open these pegs which should help to develop those hand muscles. An activity that you could get the pupil to do is to get them to open these pegs and attach them onto the edge of their desk, the back of their chair or to a window ledge.

When they can comfortably do this activity, you could introduce a gross motor element to the task by getting the pupil to attach these pegs onto a higher shelf edge, or somewhere similar where a bit of a stretch is required. With a bit of imagination, these large pegs can be used for a variety of activities.

I’m not sure if these pegs can be purchased here in Ireland, but next time you are abroad on holidays, why not pick up a set and use them for practical purposes in the school setting.