Like all of us, pupils will get fed up and bored using the exact same type and colour of pegs with all of your peg resources. It is good practice to change things up a little every now and again and this change will give added interest to the AEN pupil.

Changing the colour of the peg used to complete the task is one way of adding an extra interest, something different from the norm. I came across these pegs while doing my weekly grocery shopping in my local Aldi store this week. They are the same size and shape as regular wooden pegs except they come in bright appealing colours.

Made from FSC certified pine wood, there are 36 pegs in the pack with six pegs in each colour – yellow, red, blue, lime green, purple and orange. Priced at only €1.99 for the pack, they are great value and would surely be visually appealing to lots of pupils.