Flat Stanley 02



This resource is aimed at junior/middle pupils or SEN pupils at the beginning of literacy work on comprehension. It is based on chapters 3-4 of the novel “Flat Stanley” by Jeff Brown. Either the pupil reads the story themselves, or the teacher/SNA/supporting adult reads the story to the pupil.

Cut up the sheets into ten separate cards and laminate the cards individually. Either the pupil or teacher/SNA/supporting adult should read the question at the top of each card as well as the three possible answers underneath. The pupil should then place a peg on the answer they think is correct. The questions could be answered at the end of the reading of the two chapters, or they could be answered during the reading of the novel, whichever the teacher deems most suitable for the particular pupil.

This activity is especially suitable for pupils who may not be able to write answers but can understand a story. It is a way for them to demonstrate their comprehension of the story. It is also good for fine motor skills in the manipulation of the pegs onto the cards.


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