Ordinal Number Cards 01



This resource focuses on ordinal numbers and positional language, which can pose some difficulties for younger pupils and SEN pupils. It consists of two sets of eighteen cards – each card has six images of various fruit and vegetables. The pupil is asked to peg a particular item in each card. Half of the cards use word instructions only (“Peg the fifth one”) and the other half uses ordinal numbers (“Peg the 2nd one”).

The pupil places a clothes peg on the image that they believe is the correct answer. These cards also provide great opportunities for oral language – (eg. Have you ever eaten a kiwi? What does it taste like? What is that fruit? etc.) and the identification of different fruits and vegetables.

This activity is especially suitable for pupils who may not be able to write answers but is mastering ordinal numbers. It is a way for them to demonstrate this mastery. It is also good for fine motor skills in the manipulation of the pegs onto the cards.

We frequently gave activities such as this for homework to our SEN pupils. It gave them the sense that they had homework like everyone else and it also allowed the parents to see what Maths topic we were currently working on.

Activities such as these were also used as Independent work completed by SEN pupils in their work station.


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