In my school, we have been making and creating peg-based resources for pupils in our special class for autistic pupils for many years. Before long, we discovered that the storage of these resources became an issue. As the range and quantity of our peg resources increased, so too did our need to create a storage solution.

These peg-based resources are designed to be cut out and laminated so that they can be used again and again by the same or different pupils. We eventually decided that the best way to store these resources was in clear envelope folders.

In each folder we stored an individual resource set as well as the correct number of pegs needed to complete the task that the resource demanded. This was important for our autistic pupils as it ensured that they knew when the task was completed and therefore could be moved to the “Finished” box.

By storing these resources in this way also meant that they could easily be sent home as a homework task, ensuring that everything needed to complete the task was contained in the envelope. Parents usually sent the resource back to school the following day with the pegs attached to each card so that we could see the work completed by the pupil.

When the pupil had mastered the task in the envelope, we removed the pegs from the envelope and stored the envelope in labelled magazine folders so that they could easily be retrieved again when needed for another pupil.