Say It Think It 01

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This resource is aimed at pupils with poor social skills who need practice in knowing the difference between thinking something and saying it aloud.. This resource also aims to encourage oral language and discussion on the topic.

There are two sets of twelve cards in this resource – one set with visual cues of “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” and a second set with no visual cues to be completed after the pupil has had experience of completing the task with the visual cues.

Cut up the sheets into 24 separate cards and laminate the cards individually. Pupils should read the phrase/sentence on the left side of each card and place a clothes peg either on the “Say It” or “Think It” on the right side of the card. There are six “Say It” answers and six “Think It” answers in each set.

This activity assumes an ability to read and is especially suitable for pupils who may not be able to write answers. It is a way for them to demonstrate their understanding of the concept of knowing the difference between things that can be said aloud and things which we can think but not say aloud. It is also good for fine motor skills in the manipulation of the pegs onto the cards.

This resource could also be used as a homework activity which would allow parents to see what social skills topic you are currently working on with the pupil.


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